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Amazing Postures of Yoga to Increase Height

Yoga to Increase Height, What is not possible with yoga and nowadays almost everyone has included yoga in their life. People do yoga asanas for weight loss and to reduce stress. Some people practice yoga for belly fat reduction too. But do you know that Yoga can also help you to a great extent to increase your height. Yes, you can adopt the path of yoga to increase height.

As such, every person gets height according to their growth and genes. But as we know that it is very important to have a good height for a good personality. A good Height makes a person look very attractive and it boosts one’s self-confidence.

Try these asanas if you want help of yoga to increase height:


Stand with both your eddy and paws slightly gaped, keep both hands upward from the waist and join the palms. The fingers of both hands should also be mixed together. During this, keep the waist straight and keep the eyes straight in front as well as the neck. Both heels rise upwards and put the entire weight of the body on the claw. Raise your arms and legs to stomach, this will not spoil your balance.


To do this, sit on your knees in Vajrasana posture, breathe easily and place the head on the floor in front of the knees. Hold your fingers behind the head and support the back of the head with your hands. Slowly raise both legs and keep it straight, you should initially support the wall to raise the legs. During this, keep your body straight and keep balance. Take a deep breath for 15-20 seconds for this pose and stay in this posture. Release the breath and slowly bring me back to the ground.


Lie on your back and keep both hands close to the body, now take a breath and try to raise the legs, cool arms and waist. Giving the hand to the waistcoat, keep the elbows on ground. During this time, the weight of your body will be on the shoulders, elbows and head. Stay in this posture for some time and slowly lower your feet and come to the same position.


To do Bhujangasana, first of all lie down on your stomach and mix your eddy and claw. Your elbows should be close to your waist and the palms facing up. Now, gently bring the arm from the elbows and keep the palms under your arms, then keep the head on the ground while pressing the chin in the neck and raise the head towards the sky while touching the nose in the ground again.

You can move the head and chest as much as possible, but the navel should remain attached to the ground. After remaining in this situation for 20 seconds, after exhaling, bring the head slowly to the ground and repeat this process. Along with increasing the height, this posture greatly benefits the backbone and waist.


To perform Halasana, first of all lie down on the ground directly on the back and raise your legs and hips upwards. Now try to touch the ground under your forehead with both your feet. In this process take a deep breath and straighten your legs while exhaling. Slowly bring the feet to the ground and then lie straight. Its daily practice will prove to be helpful in increasing your length. Try these poses of yoga to increase height naturally, and remember yoga has answer to every problem be it mental or physical everything can be cured through yoga.


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