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    Twinkle Patodiya

    “Be the change you want to see” believing in this theory our Director and a prominent content creators Ms. Twinkle Patodiya feels that human mentality changes with the kind of available guidance & knowledge they are exposed to. And so she ensures to put up qualitative content on our blog site which creates some value for readers.

    With accomplishments from different platforms Mrs. Twinkle Patodiya brings along vast experience from Corporate Sector to Glitzy Glamorous Fashion world. She considers her Achievements as milestones in a long journey, to name a few are:

    • Mrs. India 2018, Pride of Rajasthan
    • Mrs. India 2018, Royal Beauty
    • The Tiara Makeup Diva, The Tiara Pageant Grooming Studios
    From a Banker to Mrs. India to an Entrepreneur, Ms. Twinkle owns multiple online and offline ventures. The love of sharing thoughts, lead her to different platforms as Motivational Speaker and an associated Lifestyle Coach with multiple institutions! Ms. Patodiya is also a renowned Influencer and is much followed for her live motivation consultations, lifestyle & fashion hacks!

    Rimjhim Jain

    Our team comprise of people with real experiences and knowledge who believe in sharing their true stories to motivate others! And another such name is Rimjhim Jain! Born and brought up in a traditional Jain family, she values forgiveness and freedom. This also makes her strong believer of power of dreams and love!

    She brings along an extensive knowledge pool as a result of working in different sectors of Real Estate, Media Marketing Company, Luxury Car Brand, Luxury Hotel Group etc. Graduated from Mumbai, she pursued her career in hospitality industry.

    It was while working with Taj Group of Hotels she realized of being a people’s person and her ability to connect with audience with ease. Like any teenager she too went through on and off personal relationships.

    And landed into a bad marriage too! But as they say, “make Mojito when life throws lemon at you!” She moved ahead with head held high and a big bag full of experience on relationships. This brought her to communicate these experiences in form of relationship write-up which are helpful to others! Put her best foot forward with a rigorous training as Relationship Coach, Ms. Rimjhim is helping others growing beautifully along with brushing up and enhancing her skills.

    Already winning hearts of people through her expressive blogs, she is undoubtedly a Gem to our Team!