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Major Yoga Attractions in India

In today’s world, the busy routine is slowly clogging everyone, everyone needs to reduce stress and meditate. Giving complete healing in every way, Yoga has the best ability to rekindle your senses and give your body new energy of life. The benefits of yoga are immense and very long term effective. That is why everyone wants to come to India and be interviewed about their true inner nature.

Our country is also increasing interest in Yoga by organising International Yoga festivals in many cities. This promotes the benefits of yoga among mass and general awareness.   Following are five major yoga attractions in India, where you can experience rejuvenated life :

Puducherry – Give time a comma

Start your year off in a tranquil city in Tamil Nadu which is major yoga attraction in India. The International Yoga Festival, which is celebrated every year from March 1 to March 7, attracts many people interested in yoga who come here to explore themselves and achieve peace and stability of their difference. Find the right ways through various asanas, from yoga exercises, diet plans, and breathing, and peace techniques. This is a great New Year gift from Puducherry tourism which offers peace, love, light, power, and bliss. Visit and discover your new look and start your year off in Puducherry.

Rishikesh – Feel the Spirituality of Ganga

The Uttarakhand tourism and Paramarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh are putting effort and organising an annual yoga festival which is famous for their unique yoga practices that are taught here which include Kundalini, Shakti Configurations, Iyengar, and Kriya. Rishikesh has always been major yoga attraction in India, you can come here and learn about the eight organs of yoga from spiritual masters and renowned saints across India.

This one-week festival is celebrated in March and is the best way to take in the purity and cleanness of the Ganges. While you are here in Rishikesh, do not forget to join the aarti that arouses glee on the banks of the holy river. Come to Rishikesh and start the journey of spiritual upliftment.

Goa – Reenergize in a place of peace

You might be wondering why Goa is in the list of major yoga attractions in India. But believe me, there are many yoga centres in Goa where all the latest facilities are available, and this place attracts a large number of yoga fans from India and abroad. Imagine doing yoga rugs and meditation practices in the picturesque backdrop of Goa. The unique asana  practiced and most taught here is Ashtanga. By attending some workshops, orientations, and programs, you can adjust and calm down the stress and pressures of modern sedentary lifestyle.

Make yoga another reason for visiting Goa.

Plan your trip for a re-energetic Goa experience!

Chennai – Wake up your feelings

Chennai, the home of older yoga training institutes such as Asan Andiyappan College of Yoga and Research Centre offers dual benefits as a metropolitan spiritual centre. Come here to learn about the most unique, unknown facts about yoga – its beginnings in India, and the story of its evolution over many centuries. Get lost in pure yoga practice sessions and take a course in Naturopathy or the ancient practice of yoga. Come to Chennai and have a wonderful experience for the whole life!

Mysore – New Yoga Capital of India

A city full of palaces and temples, Mysore is now attracting huge crowds of people for yoga education and yoga practice centres. Famous for the Ashtanga tradition around the world, Mysore offers a range of options for all yoga lovers who seek a balance between learning and enjoyment. Do not miss the opportunity to come to this traditional city.

So choose a life of serenity ! Yoga 🧘‍♂️ will do that to you 🌼


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