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How Yoga adds life to our lives

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita
Truly said in Bhagavad Gita, Yoga connects us with ourselves. It makes us live our lives. For me, Yoga is more than spiritual devoting. In spite of being so devotional, I believe that there is a supernatural power which connects us with our inner soul.­ For me, Yoga is meditation.
Mrs India 2018, Twinkle Patodiya at Yoga day

To be MRS. INDIA was not my dream of childhood, and thus reaching here was totally unplanned. But somewhere in my heart, I always wanted to add some extraordinary experiences to my life and I believe yoga helped me to lay down my vision. But reaching here was not all an easy task, it took me a lot of hard work, efforts, and dedication.

It’s not a result of a day or a month, it required a full-hearted dedication over years and plenty of gratitude towards my motives. As I always say every person need to have some hours in a day to spend a quality time with themselves, for me meditation helped me to build a focus on this part.
Mrs India 2018, Twinkle Patodiya at Yoga day

A day with All India Yog Association

I felt overwhelmed when recently I was invited and felicitated by All India Yoga Association at Jaipur. I was so happy to see people from different age groups coming together and taking their health so seriously. As an achiever of MRS. India, I was asked various questions about how yoga was related to me during my journey.

They were keen to know my whole experience of MRS. India and what helped me maintain my calm during the difficult times. To which, my one-word answer was meditate and find the purpose of your life.
I feel that a person must spend at least 30 to 45 minute with themselves to understand where their life is heading and how could they have improved a day spent. This practice continuously improves you and leads you to achieve something different in life.
Punjab Kesari coverage Mrs India 2018, Twinkle Patodiya at Yoga day

Dainik Bhaskar coverage Mrs India 2018, Twinkle Patodiya at Yoga day

I don’t want stop here, I have countless plans but I am able to focus on them only when I connect with my inner self. At times there is a lot of confusion and chaos around which make us re-think, where to go, what to choose. But with daily practice of meditation, we are able to control our mind and choose the correct path.
To add on here are a few benefits of Yoga –

  • It keeps one physically fit and mentally strong.
  • Vital reason to connect outer-self with the inner core.
  • Consistent practice helps in keeping the spine strong and prevents fatigue.
  • Lowers the risk of blood pressure.
  • Relieves depression.
  • Improves body balance and develops muscle tones.
  • Reduces digestive problems and eradicates the pain.
  • Improves social and occupational functioning in an individual.

Mrs India 2018, Twinkle Patodiya at Yoga day

My personal technique is to Meditate in the evening rather than morning, as after a long stressful day, meditation helps me to release all stress. Put all your efforts and concentration towards your desire and then see nothing can stop you to be at that place just like I have fulfilled my dream.
So add on A Cup Of Yoga in your daily routine to have a better focus, concentration and a productive mind.

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