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Tarsh Gastronomia, Pune – Review

Hinjewadi has seen a flurry of restaurants in the past few months but Tarsh Gastronomia should be on top of your list next time you are in this location.
Situated on the 8th floor of White Square building, Tarsh Gastronomia provides both indoor and outdoor seating with an extensive range of food and beverages to choose from.

The bar menu is beautifully laid out and with a really impressive range of Red and White Wines. The Cocktail menu deserves special mention and will take you by surprise.


We tried The Devil’s Triangle, Served in a teapot and small cups, a Vodka based cocktail. The vodka in it was infused with the coffee concoction. Quite bitter for my liking.

For the fans of Jagermeister – Jager bomb won’t disappoint you and unlike other places where they mix Red-bull and Jagermeister before it reaches you, here they make sure that they drop the shot in the glass in front of you

Wise Whiskey, Bourbon with rosemary infused with burnt oranges. Whiskey was also infused with egg whites but you won’t get that smell in it, which is good. This drink was better than the Devil’s Triangle.

Long Island Iced Tea, pretty standard. But LIIT fans won’t mind

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In Mocktails, we had Heaven on Earth and Tarsh Day. While Heaven on Earth was on the sweeter side with watermelon as its base while Tarsh Day is not that sweet and opt for it if you are really into trying something quite different.


Ajwaini Paneer Tikka
Large chunks of cottage cheese with perfect marination. Way to go Paneer Lovers…!! Recommended.

Dahi Ke Kebab
Another winner in the veg category. Although not for people who like their food a little spicy.

Tandoori Tarkari
Mini version of assorted veg platter comprising of cottage cheese, capsicum, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Recommended.

Kiwi Paneer Tikka
Big chunks of Cottage Cheese marinated in Kiwi paste. A little sweet for my liking. Can be given a miss unless you want to try something new.

Veg Chives Dumplings
Came in two colors, green for veg and orange for non-veg respectively.
The prawn’s dumplings were really delicious while the veg ones can be given a miss.

Galouti Kebab
This dish needs no introduction. Minced Mutton cooked well in spices. Definitely, these kebabs will melt as soon as you place them in your mouth.

Pankhadi Kebab
Small chicken chunks cooked in tandoor over a bone. This was good but shahi tangadi kebab is something you should try here.
Murg Shahi Tangdi – Served hot, wrapped inside an aluminum foil. Tandoori legs wrapped in white paste comprising of cheese and cashews. Recommended.

Spicy Har-Ghaw Prawn Dumplings
The prawn’s dumplings were really delicious while the veg ones can be given a miss.

Gosht Bhharra Chops
Well marinated, skewered, roasted and charred. Tender and spicy. Recommended.
Tarsh Gastronomia has a wide range of cuisines to choose from in the main course for both veg and non-veg.Tarsh Gastronomia
In the mains we tried – Murg Matka, Fish in Yellow Bean Sauce and Egg Fried rice.
All the items ordered were quite nice. Fish in bean sauce tasted good and the quantity was quite apt. Same for Murg Matka would go well with crisp tandoori roti.

Fish in Yellow Bean Sauce


In Desserts, we tried their signature Mirchi Ka halwa. It was made from Capsicum but was so well prepared that you could hardly notice the taste of the same. Recommended.

The other one was Three layered Milk cake – Milk cake topped with condensed milk and dry fruits. Presented very well but This one was quite sweet. Go for it if you have a sweet tooth.
We found the food(main course and starters) little on the spicy side but that can be customized as per your liking.
Overall a good experience at Tarsh Gastronomia. Great ambiance, Good food, and some creative cocktails.

Tarsh Gastronomia Details

Overall Rating : 4/5
Cuisine : North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean
Cost for two : 1400 for two with alcohol
Timings : 12pm to 4pm and 7pm to 12am
Address: Tarsh Gastronomia, Kara Hospitality, 8th Floor, White Square,
Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India
For Reservations contact : 020 6718 4800

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Disclaimer: This review is based on experience We had during a food tasting event. So, there are chances that you have a different opinion about the same place.
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