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Essential Treadmill Workout Tips

Due to the Corona pandemic, most of the people are avoiding ​outdoor running​. In such a situation, people are opting for treadmills​ at home.

Running can help us avoid several diseases (running is the best meditation practice too! ). Running is the best cardio exercise and cardio exercises are necessary for healthy heart. Running is a medium intensity exercise. Due to running, the heart pumps rapidly, which increases the heart rate and burns more calories. It is important to take care of few things while running (important things to keep in mind when you are running), otherwise your session will be of no use. Many people are currently refraining from doing weight or strength training. The reason for this is that the equipments present in the gym may spread corona virus.

Many people do not like to run on the treadmill. I used to think the same before. But when I came to know the correct way of running on it (How to run correctly on the treadmill), I too became a fan of it. It can help a lot in reducing weight, increasing endurance and staying fit. Let me tell you, there is a particular way of running on the treadmill. Failure to follow it can also result in injury or it may take time for you to get the desired results. So today we will give some beginner and essential treadmill workout tips, methods and guidelines, which can go a long way in running on the treadmill.

How to keep running on the treadmill

​1. Warm up

Warm up is necessary before any exercise. But many people start running on the treadmill as soon as they hit the gym or as soon as they get up, it can be quite dangerous. Warming up increases the heart rate and increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles, causing them to loosen as the temperature increases. If there is stiffness in the muscles, the risk of injury increases. For this, first walk or jog for 5 minutes on the treadmill. Gradually increase the speed.

​2. Know your Treadmill

You need to know about the treadmill before exercising. You should know how it works and what its functions are. Ask the trainer about the treadmill before you use it in the gym. Before using it at home, read the manual book that comes with it. You should know about the different functions of the treadmill.

​3. Use a slight incline

Set the treadmill lift to between 1 or 2 percent. If you are using it just to walk, then it is fine to set the treadmill lift to zero. This will create a little more tension which will benefit you. If you are beginner, you can do it more or less in between.

​4. Don’t make it too steep

Some people incline or lift the treadmill too much while running, which is wrong. By doing this, there is more stretch on the back, hips and ankles. Some runners lift the treadmill to a maximum of only 2 percent. Keep in mind that you should never lift the treadmill higher than 7 percent.

​5. Ensure to wear comfortable running shoes.

I have seen many people running without wearing correct pair of shoes. Do not buy too tight or too loose shoes. This will cause a load on the heel, which will cause knee pain in the future. So always use the right running shoes.

​6. Don’t Hold on to the Handrail or Console

Some people have a habit of holding the handrails while walking or running on the treadmill. But they are only for landing and climbing safely on the treadmill, not for holding and running. Holding it up spoils the running posture and balance. So do not run by holding the handrail or console.

​7. Don’t Lean forward

Some people lean forward while running, which is wrong. So always keep the body straight while running. Head and neck should also be straight, hands move along the body. If you bend too much, the balance can worsen due to neck and back pain.

Conclusion: Apart from the above treadmill workout tips, methods and guidelines, also keep in mind that while running, breathe through your nose and not your mouth, you may get tired quickly. Use a safety clip so that if your balance deteriorates in case of sudden fatigue, the treadmill can stop immediately.

By following these simple tips, you can become a master at running on the treadmill and the desired results can be achieved.


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