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How to Mix Fashion Trends With Your Unique Style

Fashion is fun if you perfectly carry your clothes and accessories. As fashion changes rapidly. So it is very hard to wear according to new fashion trends. If you are a pro then you always be the talk of town at all parties. And if you are not then many times you surely faced embarrassment isn’t it?

But even you are a pro, you unintentionally do some silly mistakes and regrets later.

This article is for beginners and pros as well because after all, we all are humans.

Let’s get started and know how we can make your unique style. So that people could recognize you very easily.  Because if you have your style, then people will appreciate and follow you. Here are some points that I am going to discuss how we can make our unique style.

Mix personal style with new fashion trends

But how can you make your style? And how to include it into new fashion trends.

Your style defines what kind of person you are. By choosing your clothes and accessories according to your nature mood, body, and personality.  (By this, you are telling people who are you as a person)

You can also use your mom’s old cloth

Nothing can beat India’s fashion and your mother’s old sari. Agree or not?

There is nothing better than your mother’s or grandmothers old clothes. A question arises that, why? Because you can experiment with it according to your choice.

Below are some amazing examples which you can try and see the amazing transformation of your mom’s clothes or accessories:-

  • Stitch a lehnga of your mom’s sari by your tailor according to your choices, needs, and fashion trends.
  • You can also make a long dupatta (try searching for Banarsi and brocade sari) and pair it up with a matching kurta.
  • If you have more than 1-2 sarees then you can make kurta and lehenga. By mixing and matching your clothes.

Make things tailored according to fashion trends

 Make a quick search of your wardrobe and see your ripped, unfit clothes. After this, make your clothes wearable by having them stitched by your favorite tailor.

You can also create your signature color.

Your signature color with fashion trends :- You only know what’s your style and which color suits you best and which matches your personality. (Not necessary to wear the same color all day but occasionally)

Follow your influencer

You know that each celebrity and public figure have their unique style. And many people follow them for their style.

You may also have your fashion influencer. Take some ideas from them. And know how they carry their clothes and accessories. After closely watching them create your unique style.

Do some experiments

Try to experiment with what you have. And choose which one fits you best.

Points that are not mentioned above:

  • Color coordination: Wear by looking strictly at your colors. And check if they are matching or not.
  • We all have different body shape: Wear according to your body shape.
  • You have to be updated with new fashion trends. Research properly that what new fashion outfit you can try. And you will easily know which clothes are suitable for you or not.

Last but not least,

  • Confidence is the key: No matter what you wear but when you have your confidence with you then no one would dare to let down you.
  • Wear what you like: Yes this is true. When you are not comfortable with your dress. Don’t wear it. Because you are a human, not a robot.
  • Don’t worry about anyone else and wear what you like. Because your smile and confidence are your real accessories.

Hope you loved reading my article. Do share your thoughts.


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