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Bollywood Actress With Great Fashion Sense

Not only Hollywood but our Bollywood industry also not in less than in the matter of fashion sense. Many actresses have great taste in fashion. And that’s why people loved and followed them.

It’s not all about what you wear rather than it’s about how you carry them. If you carry your dress properly no matter what you wear you will look great.

Bollywood actresses with a great fashion sense.

Sonam Kapoor fashion sense

Even though her acting skills is not that appreciable. But talk about her dressing sense, she has great taste in it. She is known as a “Bollywood  fashionist”. But the credit is not alone can be given to her. Because her advisor and stylish is her sister Rhea.

However, many times she faced criticism for some of her dresses.

Deepika Padukone fashion sense

Deepika knows very well that how to make a dress iconic. She kills her followers by her look and personality. No matter whatever she wears she always looks stunning and beautiful.

Kareena  Kapoor khan

Kareena Kapoor  khan  always gives us a great fashion goal. You can look at the way how she evolved from earlier. She knows very well when to wear what, and how to be in shape even after two kids.

Aishwarya Rai bacchan

Aishwarya rai is personally my favorite. And looks like she doesn’t  age a little bit. I bet that you can’t disagree with me. This blue-eyed beauty gains her place in the ten most beautiful women in the world. You can’t get your eyes away from this stunning and beautiful lady.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

You can’t ignore how misses Jonas elegantly wore her dress at every party or fashion show. You might have noticed that her dressing way changed after entering into Hollywood industry. Did you notice her accent also changed a little bit? Priyanka has some kind of charm by which she inspires and attracts many persons to follow her.

Anushka Sharma

The greatest thing about her that she is not a fashion victim and wears what she loves most. And that makes her style look different from others. She once told the media that “I want to be comfortable in what I wear and it should reflect me”

Jacqueline Fernandez

Over the past year (from her first debut to now) she experiments with her looks and dressing style. By this her fashion sense increased. Her dress reflects her overall personality.


Talking about fashion sense and how can we forget about this evergreen lady. Rekha Ji kept her charm from starting and continues to do so. Her love for gold can’t get unnoticeable. The best part of her that she can switch her look from her sari style to a western outfit.

Shilpa shetty

She started her career from movie baazigar but at that time she was totally unnoticeable. But , her turning point was from the movie dhadkan. From that, she drastically changed herself and giving example for fashion lovers.

Katrina fashion sense

Simple, sweet and stunning. These three words are a complete definition of her dressing sense. Just like Anushka Sharma, she always wore what make her feel comfortable and which defines her true nature.

Not only actress but also there are many actors such as: Hrithik roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Amitabh Bachchan who can beat all Bollywood actresses. Agree or not? Yes you are I know.

Just keep in mind whatever you wear, it suits you and you are carrying it with full of confidence and a big smile which is coming from your heart.

Just follow your favorite actress and rock at your next party (follow I mean inspire). But you should not blindly follow them as many times they also faced fashion blunders.


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