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What 2020 Taught us? And How 2021 Will be Better

There have been few years in the periods of history when the existence of the entire human race was at stake because of a huge war or a big disaster. 2020 will be recorded in the list of those years. This was the year that the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic. A disease which has more than 1.7 million deaths in the world is in government records. It is natural in human nature to wish that bad times pass as soon as possible and never be remembered again. This is not possible in the laws of nature, because even if you want to erase 2020 from the calendar of memories, the most difficult challenges give us the opportunity to lay the foundation for the strongest future.

Whether the virus was born naturally or developed in a lab is a mystery, but it has stopped the natural flow of schemes from both the government and industry, devastated the world economy and led to everyday activities. When all the countries of the world are still struggling with this virus, then I am pausing and pondering what are its lessons for the industry, which may put us in a better position in the future.

This is possible through people empowerment, digital innovation, AI and cloud computing, balance sheet health and cash conservation. Thinking more deeply, in this period, the need to support our communities, our eco-system and to be a motive for the survival of every organization is more realized. When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, everyone got caught up in it. It had no precedent, no reference point. We were imprisoned in our homes with strict instructions like birds in cages; the basic needs of freedom and empowerment were also snuffed out. The round became a war-torn period of the mid-20th century, with limited exit permission to meet daily needs. 

Every crisis comes with some ease and Covid-19 inspired the industry to adopt digital. Not only did the way companies do business changed, but consumer behavior also changed. Today, clients, partners or employees are using platforms such as Zoom or Teams to join together, just like they used to make phone calls.

Social Connectivity isthe most important lesson to be reckoned in 2020, first we will have mutual social relations, cleanliness and most Increased recognition of the importance of the labor class working for us. Due to the Covid pandemic, keeping distance became our compulsion. Our offices, our travels, our meeting all stopped.
This year told us how important it is to stay socially connected. We also came to know how important the people who come to work in our homes are for us. We came to know their value. I would say again and again that ‘connectivity’ is most important.

The ‘Swachh Bharat‘ campaign needs to be implemented very strongly. There is talk of washing hands again and again, but where is the water to wash hands? If there is water, the hands will be washed, so it is necessary to ensure that the availability of water in the slums remains. Not only this, how to maintain cleanliness in rooms like common toilet, common water, cleaning of streets, small avalanches in slum areas will have to be ensured. How to keep cleanliness in crowded areas and in homes will have to be decided.

In such areas, basic facilities will have to be provided only then the possibility of such pandemic can be reduced. If India has to be prepared for such a pandemic, then the poor and needy will have to provide such basic facilities. Masks, hand wash, Maintaining cleanliness is undoubtedly the result of this pandemic, but to cleanse this hygiene, we should adopt it in our life.

From 2020 we also learned how our institutions should prepare for any pandemic. They should have an action plan on how to react in such a situation. In the pandemic, we saw that institutions which were technically strong were able to continue their work.  In the New Year, the government should make people technically strong so that they can stay connected with each other at any such time and continue their work.  Talking about the challenges of 2021, the subject of mental health is going to be the biggest in the coming year. Depression, frustration and isolation are on the rise. All things are not cured only by drugs. We need people for us. Our anger, restlessness, sensations, love come out to meet people.


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