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Life in a curfew

Life in a curfew

JAIPUR: Five days after the rape of a 7-year old girl who is trying to get herself together , the culprit is still roaming on the streets.

The evening of Monday has been a black evening in the life of a 7-years old little girl and her family members who are residents of Shastri Nagar , Jaipur. The whole case took place when two boys on bike abducted the innocent pretending to be her father’s friend and raped her for two hours then abandoned her in front of her house. There have been some speculations about the arrest of the accused but no such confirmation has been made so far.
Following the whole mournful situation there has been an environment of agitation in almost 123 police stations across the city. The internet services has been going through a breadth of clampdown for suppressing any further violent acts. Police force as well as the RAC and STF troops has been deployed in the area for controlling the community people who are vigorously demanding justice for the girl who is still trying to cope up with the situation that has stamped her life and enforcement of justified punishment to the accused.

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Apart from these incitements the rebellious nature to leave a stain in the family’s prestige and puncturing their lives in order to take revenge has topped the list among all the aforementioned reasons. Since the Monday evening people have been filled with the feeling of revulsion and loathe. The older one, the younger ones, male and female everybody has become alert, protective and sensitive towards the situation.This is not for the first time that something like this has happened in the state, over the years there has been a rise in the crime rate figures against women and lately little girls. The issue needs to be addressed more strictly rather than some firm proceedings which fails. The increased number of unemployed people with improper education and lack of sex education could possibly be the reflective reasons.
As a citizen all we need is progressive attitude in such situations along with competitive laws which can curb the power to conduct such heinous crimes. Just creating an outrageous situation, dismantling the peace won’t help us anyways.


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