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How to Save Money on Food?

Do you spend too much on food? Are you trying to control your expenditure on food? Well then these small but very powerful tips can help you reduce the wastage of food which will ultimately help you in reducing the expenditure on food.

There is no fix formula to work in the kitchen. It is entirely up to you how you work in the kitchen and how the house members are served taste as well as understanding. If you work smartly in the kitchen, then you can prevent food from getting wasted to a great extent. Anyway, in Indian traditions it is believed that food is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and throwing food is equal to her humiliation. So we are always told that food should not be thrown away. However, many of us do not know how one can use the food that is wasted in the kitchen.

In today’s time when a large population of the country craves even for two-time bread. In such a situation, it is not appropriate to waste food. If you save the food that you are wasting, then a large population can be fed.

On the other hand, if food is wasted in this way, then it also hurts you financially. So, today we are telling you about some such methods, with the help of which you can minimize food waste –

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Make limited food

The first and important rule to stop food waste is to make a limited amount of food. Often women prepare their morning and evening meals together to make their work easier, but if you plan to go somewhere in the evening or do not feel like eating the same vegetable again, then the food is wasted. Therefore, you should make a meal of the same time once and after making it, eat it hot.

leftover food

If the food is left and you no longer wants to eat it, then instead of throwing it in the garbage, make it differently and serve it to everyone. For example, if the lentils is left, then you can grind it and make lentil cheese and serve it for breakfast. Likewise, parathas can be made from mashed dry vegetables.

Storage method

How you store your food is also very important. For example, if you store the material in a humid place, it will spoil quickly. Similarly, the temperature of the fridge should also be checked before storing things in the fridge. When the storage of food is right, its shelf life increases and you are able to use them for a long time.

Different Use In the kitchen, there are many things that are wasted, such as peels of fruits and vegetables. We consider them useless and throw them in the garbage. But you should not do this. It is better that you use them differently. Like you can give them a place in your beauty routine. This will also brighten your skin and you will not have to spend money in expensive beauty products. On the other hand, the remaining material will also be useful to you.


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