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How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly When You Are a Beginner

How to apply eyeliner, Eyeliner can completely change your total look. Even if you are not doing any makeup still eyeliner can make you look amazing. It will make your eyes bold, smoky, and beautiful. 

But it is not easy as it seems. It needs lots of patience and dedication. And if you never applied liner it would be really difficult to apply it perfectly. If you are a beginner and want to flow your liner it in a big party. Then follow all steps below and know how to apply eyeliner properly. 

But before I tell you how to apply eyeliner like a pro you should know that there are different kinds of eyeliners are available on market and according to your comfort and choice, you can use them.

How to apply eyeliner with pencil liner

This kind of eyeliner is best for people who are new to it. 

Steps to apply pencil eyeliner

  • Firstly you should choose the color of eyeliner whether it is black and brown whichever you want.
  • Hold the outer corner of your eyes softly.
  • Apply a thick line from the outer corner to the inner corner.
  • Fill from outer corner to inner as much you like

Pro tip :-You can do this process by making small dots from your outer to inner corner. 

How to apply eyeliner with gel liner

Gel eyeliner is long-lasting and comes in a small pot and is applied with a brush.

  • Dip the brush (only dip a small amount so that in need you can take more).
  • Tilt your head a little up (point your chin up and out) 
  • Close your eyes half so that you can see through the mirror with the half-opened eye.
  • Use the tip of the brush to gently apply and follow the lash line.

How to apply eyeliner with glitter liner

These kinds of liners are perfect when you want a party look.

  • Create a base with primer and apply white eyeshadow and sweep brush to back and forth.
  • Use the same brush and create a darker shade on your creases. 
  • Add another layer of white eyeshadow to your eyelids through a small fluffy brush.
  • Now create a wing with gel eyeliner on the outer edges of your eyes. After finishing the wing, take a regular black liner and apply it to your eyes. As I tell you above.
  • Finally, apply the glitter liner above the black liner. And run along the upper edges. Extend the line of glitter. 

Types of eyeliner shape

Winger eyeliner style

  • Create a simple diagonal line 45 degrees out and up. (Don’t extend above the eyebrow).
  • Draw a line from tip of the wing to middle of the upper lash line and fill the outline.
  • After this, apply normal eyeliner as we already learned.
  • Make thicker inner eyeliner.

Pro tip:-  -You can also apply this by pasting a small piece of tape at the corner of an eye.

  • Use liquid liner for a smoky look
How to apply eyeliner for Cat-eye look
  • Make a dot just above eye creases
  • Connect the dot to the outer corner.
  • Draw a line to the middle of the eye.
  • Fill the line.
  • Draw a thick line on the remaining space.

(Only apply to gel liner rather than liquid.)

Apart from this there are different kinds of liner shapes you can use such as Flick, retro and fishtail

Prices of best eyeliner

Lakme insta eyeliner- Rs/- 110
Maybelline new york colossal eyeliner-Rs/- 173
Yanquina waterproof liquid liner- Rs/- 193
Cvb diamond black liner-Rs/- 260

Tips to remember for how to use eyeliner
Major points you should take consider before applying any kind of liner

  • First, clean your face with clean water and apply some moisturizer near your eyes. Then, apply some eye cream.

After this, apply a little bit of primer on the eyelid around the general eye region.
The above steps are not necessary but they would give you a beautiful look and your eyes will look smoky.

  • Put your elbow on a table or any surface and place a mirror in front of you.
  • Make sure you have proper light in the room where you are applying the liner.


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