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Chaska Restro Lounge, Ajmer

Ajmer is seeing evolution in restauranteering Culture these days and the credit goes to the young entrepreneurs who are bringing differentiated cuisines to this beautiful town. Recently, I was invited to the first Bloggers table in Ajmer at Chaska Restro Lounge, which started and managed by 2 young Entrepreneurs.

Chaska Restro Lounge Ajmer

This is also one of the few cafes in the city which reveals a fantastic view of ever expanding city surrounded by the range of Aravali Hills. In addition, they do have a private lounge space and a Restaurant, well defined on 2 different floors of the building. Where one is a pretty dark theme uber-chic lounge the other offers a warm, elegant, retro look with some unique elements like lanterns and tokri (handmade baskets) placed upside down. There is much more to talk about but I feel Words cannot aptly justify the beauty of artistic interiors here, so you definitely need to visit this place 🙂
Along with beautiful interiors, I must mention, they are one of the best places serving Italian Cuisine in the city. So let’s start with what all I had a this amazing place that night!
Crunchy Paneer – Chaska Restro Lounge
Chaska Restro Lounge Ajmer

Crunchy Paneer

Big chunks of Cottage Cheese skewed up and wrapped in crunchy love, layered with Cheese. It tasted exactly delicious as melodious it sounded in previous line. It is one of the best starters at this place. And if you are a paneer lover then this is your thing totally!
Cheese Onion Rings – Chaska Restro Lounge

Crunchy Paneer
Oh! There would be rarely someone who doesn’t like Fitters and specially the onion ones. Cheese Onion Rings are the millennial edition to fitters community. And is a starter which really can’t be denied by anyone who is Desi at heart.
Loaded Nachos – Chaska Restro Lounge

Loaded Nachos
I agree that starters like these are very common and are considered as average preparation in all big cities. But a place like Ajmer which even failed my expectation about basic preparations of Continental Cuisine many times, getting this stuff with beans, mushrooms, olives and ofcourse loaded Cheese with tomato salsa is like finding your true love!
Pull Apart Garlic Bread
With all the previous experience, my level of expectation went a bit high. But this didn’t go well on presentation as well as taste. It can be a chance of rare accidents, but i am not sure, so this can be removed from your next visit list.
Chaska Restaurant Ajmer

Chinese Sizzlers

Sizzlers are my favorite!!
I would say it was good. But with sizzler presentation matters a lot to me. I feel there was lack of side bytes and vegetables. Though it tastes well, so definitely you can give it a try.
Cheese And Rice Balls – Chaska Restro

Cheese and Rice Balls
Crunchy Balls infused with Rice and Cheese. Another Fusion!!
I feel the Chefs here are really good with Fusion and specially Indian-Italian. So this, definitely goes on my recommended list for the people who love mix of Desi and Videsi 😉
Brown Pasta
Brown Pasta – Chaska Restro Lounge

Bored of regular pasta?? Try this all new variety available in Ajmer. The Brown Pasta!!! So this new addition was a total delight just that it was little spicy for my taste buds. But yes a good one, do try!
Punjabi Tadka Pizza – Chaska Restro Lounge

Punjabi Tadka Pizza, name is sufficient to explain what it was. Coming to how it was – Yummilicious!! Little spicy, loaded with Cheese and Veggies was served medium in size, quite tummy filling. Pizzas at Chaska Restro Lounge have already earned a good reputation across Ajmer.
Mexican Deep Dish Pizza here is really good try by the Chefs here. And not forgetting to mention Chaska Restro Lounge is the only place in Ajmer serving this. So, don’t miss this one.
Sizzling Waffle- Chaska Restro Lounge

Sizzling Waffle
Sizzling brownie is way too common these days. So what new at Chaska Restro Lounge? – Sizzling Waffle!!

Yes, you heard it right Waffle coming sizzle all the way from kitchen to your table. Sounds good right? well it tastes too. One of the best waffles in Ajmer. Love this one- like totally!

Chaska Restro Lounge, Ajmer

Overall I feel every blogger really enjoyed and admired efforts by the restaurant management team. I totally had a fun filled evening. And i would definitely recommend this place to every reader. 🙂

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Chaska Restro Lounge
Near Carnival (Glitz) Cinema,
Hari Bhau Nagar, Main Road,
Ajmer, Rajasthan
Contact – 8890857275

Timings 11am to 11pm

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