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Indian Fashion Industry After Corona Virus

The Indian fashion industry intrinsically remains academically understudied, albeit there’s research available on textiles, craft traditions and history of Indian dress.

The study of human of the Indian apparel industry,  supported ethnographic research in Northern India, specifically New Delhi and Lucknow.  And handling both the worlds of luxury fashion designers.

And therefore the worlds of craftspeople and workers within the industry, is Tereza Kuldova’s work Luxury Indian Fashion.

Indian Fashion industry growth

The Indian fashion industry is functioning with the government for relief and for cover of the industry’s vulnerable textile workers who face wage loss and layoffs.

Today, there are a few of hundred Indian fashion designers peddling, designs and wares. Some are documented and are expanding, slowly but surely, into the international market.

India’s romance with fashion design has just begun and is sure to grow by leaps and bounds. Young women want to emulate models and therefore the designer wear of Hindi film stars. Therefore Indian fashion industry is rapidly increasing.

India hosts its own fashion weeks in Delhi and Mumbai which seem to be getting bigger and better. The names are becoming referred to as well – Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Beri, Manish Arora, Satya Paul, Rocky.

India’s ascent is one among ten trends the style industry should watch in 2019, highlighted in our latest State of Fashion report, written in partnership with the Business of Fashion.

How Covid effect Indian fashion industry

Social distancing measures and travel bans have begun to force designers to rethink their traditional system of developing, showing and delivering their collections.

Gucci’s Alessandro Michele announced that the brands are going season less. And will reduce the amount of fashion shows to twice a year.

He also stated that the style week calendar would now become obsolete; adding that he hopes to abandon the worn-out ritual of seasonality’s and shows to regain a replacement cadence.

Aparna Badlani, owner of Mumbai-based multi-designer boutique Atosa weighs in on what this suggests during a local context, “Indian fashion, anyway, isn’t so season oriented, it’s more summer/holiday /travel/destination wedding and bridal-oriented. In fact there’s a winter in many parts of the country.

And a gamut of designers works broadly on two seasonal collections. However, most of our designers, in my opinion, work on season less collection.

The pandemic shockwaves have hit every industry. And the ‘new normal’ will make us hamper, and reinvent how we view consumption and production.

Now, because the world struggles to return to terms with the new reality of corona virus, the worldwide fashion and luxury category is predicted to lose $600 billion in sales.

The word ‘fashion’ brings on images of glamour. The onset of the worldwide Indian fashion industry has given a thrust to the style industry. This has attracted numerous children to the present industry.

The Indian fashion industry has embraced all sorts of clothing from ornate clothes to casual wear. Chikhan which is their traditional technique of embroidery is additionally incorporated within the Indo-western style.

The planet known sarees is woven in cotton and silk. Sarees from different regions have specific names and a few examples are Mysore, Jamdani, Sambalpuri, Balucheri, Kanjivaram among others.

Actually, the saree features a lot of sales and sells quite a 3rd of other apparel. The turbans also are a part of the apparel and mostly are made to seem.

Original Fashion industry might see a touch set back within the coming year; there are tons of economical factors.

These factors which have resulted within the downfall within the Indian fashion industry directly or indirectly in India.   

The garment export industry is additionally facing losses thanks to increased rates and taxes on fabrics, infrastructure & manufacturing. From past few years sustainability was the foremost discussed topic between manufactures, designers & clothing brands.

Everyone understands that trends and fashion plays major role within the sale of apparels round the world the fast forward fashion is leading to big dumps of wastage of materials and resources round the globe.

Last year, few big names have launched their recycled sustainable clothing, encouraging others to steer on their footsteps for a far better future. The approaching year will surely see more brands and designers taking a step towards recycling and reusing old materials.

And start to make fashion more sustainable then earlier. I’m personally waiting to ascertain if recycling old material are often done under price constraints to form sustainable fashion more accessible by the masses. How Indian fashion industry changes from compare to earlier. What do you think?


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