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Why Do You Attract Toxic People?

Toxic People
You are a great ice breaker,  a great dater. You consider yourself an empathatic and a great catch! You have everything going for you. Yet you end up crying in the so called relationship after a while. All these wonderful dates tend to fade away from you inspite of you being a great person. To talk about it,  you find yourself having a great time in initial stage but then it slowly feeds you up.

You feel exhausted and cry copious tears wondering what you did wrong to lose the love of life whenthey start behaving total douchebags.  You almost feel like a beggar begging for bare minimum attention and affection everytime. So people, you are dating toxic people. There are numerous reasons you keep attracting toxic men and women again and again in your life.  It’s high time you address this issue.

Take a look Attract Toxic People

You are way too ‘Nice’

You consider yourself great at understanding and nice, you take a pride that You always look for unique and good qualities in everyone. In fact you are so sympathetic that you excuse their nasty behaviour just for the sake of being nice. You like being nice and want to show you are the best.  This mindset will always take you down. 

Sex will turn into something serious

You sometimes think casual hook up and casual sex will turn into a full blown relationship.  Having sex with no strings attached is a great thing provided you guys are on the same page.  But falling in love with your FWB will only disappoint you. 

Searching for love in wrong places

This is the modern times of dating apps. You are smart witty.  You have tried all dating apps.  All the people you meet are either superficial or totally fluke. Few of them don’t want to meet up or they keep playing dating games.  So you choose which ever shows a little liking towards you.  You end up attracting toxic dates just because they give you nice bare minimum.

Low self esteem

The epitome of any happy relationship is love and respect.  If you bear their inexcusable behaviour, you suffer from low self esteem.  You count yourself low and think that things will be alright in the long run.  It never does.  Abandonment issues,  low self esteem or counting yourself lesser in one or the way makes you choose toxic friends and people. They feed on your availability,  happiness and generosity.  Don’t let them feed on your low self esteem.

Give in too early

When you start the relationship you give your 100 percent.  It is good to give your all, provided you are reciprocated the same from the other person. 

And when you start making space for them according to their convinience everytime, it is exhausting and further resentment develops.  It is good to put your 100 percent but the other person should be worth it and should give it back. Not at the cost of your emotions.  Devote wholeheartedly to trustworthy people. You have to take it slow. 

Get rid of your ‘Type ‘

It’s the love of your own wild nature that you attract these firecrackers 😆 They give you an adrenaline rush.  You feel that you have bagged a great looking date. So you do your best for them to keep them in your life.

Despite your best efforts, you end up being doomed.  You attract toxic people who desert you eventually.  You know you have to raise your standards and not go for these harmful personalities as they will always fall short.  For once try those boring but ‘nice’. Don’t just go for looks and dynamic personalities.  Try someone different from your nature.  The sooner you try someone outside your type, there are high chances you may find the love you seek.  Try it! 

You think you don’t deserve love

Everyone wants love. You know you are an amazing person and deserve a good honest love life.  But a bad relationship or multiple doomed relationships make you believe that it’s actually you don’t deserve  a fairy tale kind love. You end up with the lower than  standard dates.  Your head knows better than this but yes the pain in the heart fulls up that doubt. 

You let them choose you

This is the biggest downer. They choose to be in your life as and when ever they want instead of you choosing them. Since you already believe that love is hard to come or it doesn’t come often,  you lower your expectations for wrong unworthy people even when you know that you will have to lower your  standards.  Just a bare minimum from their side in the relationship is not enough! 

In happy relationships you never have to beg for attention and affection. Toxic people and relationships will destroy your soul and perception towards love.  Discover the toxic people surrounding your life and get rid of them as soon as possible. They are not worth your heart ache and self respect.  Everyone deserve positive people in their circle for better quality life. First and foremost change your choice,  introspect and take responsibility.  Positive souls will always encourage you to be better person in general. That is how you can identify them. They will never take you for granted. 

Seek Love Seek Life.  😊

Credit: Rimjhim Jain


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