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VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit – Review

Foot Care Kit
We all love our feet to be neat and cracks free, with shiny and sexy legs. And we all will agree to the fact that it is not as easy to maintain them. It needs a daily feet care regime for those to roughen feet to stealthy and cracks free.
Also if we are regular with the pedicure, it cost us a lot. And even after a good pedicure if we walk barefoot for a while all efforts go in vain.
So I decided to do pedicure at home!
After doing research and trying various products available this was the complete kit I settled on- VLCC PEDIGLOW FOOT CARE KIT.


Would love to share what i enjoyed during the Food Safari at this place.
Why I recommend it-

  1. It has got the complete set of products which one needs for the pedicure.
  2. All the products in this kit are nature-based thus no harm to use. You can identify with the smell too.
  3. Along with the kit, you will get instructions on how to use – so that simplifies your work. Thus easy to use.
  4. It is one of the cost-effective options available in the market, with such quality of the product.
  5. This kit can be used easily 8-10 times, thus very reasonable and value for money.

What you get in the VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit :


This deep cleanser with soapnut and margosa removes pollutants from the pores and softens the thick tissue. It also fights foot infections and harmful germs.


This exquisite scrub goes a long way in ensuring beautiful feet. Walnut exfoliates dead foot tissue while lemongrass stimulated blood circulation for best foot health.

  1. VLCC PEDIGLOW FOOT CREAM (massage cream)-

Massage it thoroughly, deep into pores. Massage is the best part of the pedicure, as it gives you relaxation and makes your feet look healthier.


After you are done with the whole cleaning and massaging. Apply this fragrance spray…and feel the freshness.

After use results are just fab!!! Use this kit for once or twice a week depending on the condition of your feet.
You can see my feet

Overall, this product is 4/5 for me.
It could have been much better if they added cuticle oil with this, which they had in their previous kit.
Nevertheless, this kit is fab and costs you even less than a pedicure sitting at the salon.
Good product does try and share your experience in the comments section.
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