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Top 9 Fashion Capital of The World

Nowadays, fashion is not just mean to wear cloth. But it reflects your personality. It allows people to portray their style. And there are many places that called as fashion capital of the world such as; Paris and Milan.

Are you also obsessed with fashion? And your Google search history is full of fashion-related stuff? Are you making a plan to visit the best fashion country but still confused?

For your big trouble, I have a great solution. Just read till last and find out your dream fashion country. Top 9 countries that are known as the fashion capital of the world:-

Why New York is fashion capital of the world?

Heard about Ralph Lauren? Yeah, of course!! Why not, because you are also a “friends” fans like me. But not only Ralph but also Calvin and Donna Karan got their start in the early 1990s. These all are global and famous brands.

And that’s enough examples of why New York is the fashion capital of the world.

Paris: – the fashion capital of the world

Paris took fashion very seriously that it is an important part of its economy. There is not only one reason why Paris is famous for its fashion. From the 13th century, Paris ruled in the name of fashion. And many new fashion designers see dream of visiting Paris.

Do you know that; bikini was invented in Paris?


Milan is the place where ready-to-wear garments were made. With its first fashion week (1958) it got famous in the name of fashion.

In 2009, Milan is declared as the fashion capital of the world.


From the 19th century, London was getting expanded for fashion. And come to 20th-century fashion lovers loved to visit and found it very interesting and fascinating.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is slowly becoming a great platform for emerging designers. And also provides a platform to showcase their collections. Many big brands are now planting their showroom in Angeles.


From more than 2 years, “Berlin fashion week” grab their place in top 5 fashion events. And more than 70,000 visitors attend this big fashion show from worldwide.


However, it does not enjoy the same reputation as Paris and Berlin. But it is gaining some popularity from some time. And even overtook Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the 30s Shanghai named as “little Paris of the fan east”


Mercedes-Benz fashion week is one of the most important events in Madrid. This event awakened talent, freedom, and creativity. And this event show also attracts big international designers.


Every day, lots of people come to shop from all over the world to Barcelona. And events like “080” drag the attention of many professionals around the world.

These are the best countries which are great for people who are fashion addicts. Tell me if you know about some other countries.

Who are the top fashion designers in the world?
  1. Coco Chanel (French fashion designer)
  2. Calvin Klein
  3. Ralph Lauren
  4. Christian Dior
  5. Roberto Cavalli

Best Indian fashion designer:-

  1. Manish Malhotra.
  2. Sabyasachi
  3. Anita dongre
  4. Neetu lulla
  5. Ekta Lakhani

Different countries have their own way of fashion. And that makes them unique from each other.

It would not be wrong to say that fashion rules the world. It is so important that half of the magazine is covered from fashion topics.

So pack your bags and get ready to visit these lovely and fashionable places. Have you ever visited these places? If yes, then share your experience.


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