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Summer Fashion 2021:- What’s New in The Market

Summer is here. Are you shifting your winter hoodies to you cool and funky crop tops? And now all set with your new wardrobe and of course new look according to summer fashion.

But before this, why not do a research for new summer 2021 trends. So give a read to my article and get ready to create a magic at Goa beaches. Though, your plan will get cancel.

Top summer fashion trends of 2021

Sleek Black face masks

After corona pandemic, masks also become a part of fashion. People are experimenting with their mask style. And also want different mask for different occasion.

And surely it benefited the market that produces masks. Among all the color, black is common as it suits with all.

While it involves protecting yourself, you’ll also roll in the hay beautifully. Sleek black face Masks matches almost any outfit you wear. They are a great cover for your nose and mouth.

Choose a silky fabric for easier breathing. The sweetness behind this face-covering is that the limitless styling opportunities that come along side it.

Wear anything from a red raincoat to a color-blocking suit and appearance exceptionally stylish. From an accordion-style to a standard shape. There are numerous choices which will keep you stylish and safe.

Red color fashion

There’s something endlessly highly attractive about the color red. Like the tone of passion, love, adventure and energy. And this powerful shade packs a clock in the summer season collections.

Think slicked-back buns and minimal accessories to let the red really sing.


Leather returns to revisit everyday classics into immoral pieces. And really it is worth your money.

From sumptuous midi dresses with pouf sleeves. And supple suiting and kaftan-style dresses at Altuzarra, Leather is also return.

After FW20’s earthy shade of sand, khaki and chocolate. Leather is back in its most classic black for summer.

Feeling instantly fresh and distinct from the lighter-weight cottons and colorful hues.  And I surely am filling my new-season wardrobes with leathers.

Because I don’t want to miss any new summer fashion.

Denim loosens

Wide-legged silhouettes featured at Chloé and Balenciaga, where jeans sat high on the waist, cinched with a belt. But were loose within the leg for ultimate comfort that doesn’t sacrifice on style

Puffed sleeve

Summer fashion 2021 collections dialed down the girlishness and brought a tougher attitude to the present favorite sleeve outline.

Curved- cropped jackets and button-up poet’s blouses are a great option. While Gabriela Hearst showed utilitarian shirt dresses.

Moreover, Altuzarra turned the quantity abreast of the normal trench with a puffed sleeve that transformed this classic fashion.

Other summer fashion trends

Flower prints

Not only in spring season. Flower loved by fashion queens in summer season also.

Nothing says summer fashion quite a striking floral print. So Give your wardrobe extra life by adding a couple of the season’s prettiest flower-sprinkled pieces.

Oversized blazer

Oversized or boyfriend blazers are inspired from 80s. But still people loved to wear this.

Create an extended line silhouette and play with the shapes with your blazer.

With the help of shoulder pads, these external parts of the waist are attached to your waist and extend your legs.

Pastel tones/ color

If you would like to accentuate the pastels, pair them with their darker counterparts.

Going for peach and orange may be a trendy style for latest summer collections.

But,  before investing your money for purchasing anything which is in trend. Firstly you should scan your wardrobe properly. So if you already have something which is in trend, you will not spend your money excessively.

Happy summer!!!

Is there anything which I missed out? Tell me in the comment section below.


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