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Signs She is Cheating on You!

Hey dear readers,
Searching for this topic surely means you suspect of being cheated by your partner. It’s worse feeling of being cheated upon. You may sense some signs that she is cheating on you but you are not sure if you can put a finger on one. Ignorance is bliss, but this definitely does not apply to people in a relationship. Trust and honesty are the two important pillars of any relationship. Without these, no relationship can thrive. Right?

Some cheat due to various Psychological factors and some may cheat because they are not into the relationship as you are into it. There are usually signs of a cheating partner, and if you trust your gut, you will be able to learn the answers quickly. Let me help you with few sureshot signs to know if your fair lady is cheating on you!

Sudden disappearance or Unreachable
You realise that recently she seems to be unreachable. You don’t know her whereabouts. When she is suddenly disappearing from her usual routine and you can’t figure out that where exactly she is, it’s a sign that she might be with someone else. When you ask her that her phone was unreachable or ask details of her whereabouts, she gets mad or give vague answers. She starts putting up with extra hours at the ‘office’ gym class or meeting up with a friend whom you don’t know, it is a sign she is spending those times with someone else.

Guarding her phone like life.
Observe that she is extra cautious with her mobile phone when you are around her. She seems to be constantly on the phone typing or deleting. She tries to hide the screen from you.
Now everybody seems to be engaged on their cell phone these days. I won’t deny. And she is exactly doing the same. But watch out for instant password changing, constantly deleting texts and keeping phone next to herself. She guards her phone like her life. She seems nervous when a call comes or has her eyes pursed to the screen every now and then.

Lack of interest in sex or no intimacy
She starts to push you away when you try to kiss her or get close to her. She seems to be off putting when you initiate sex! In fact she gets irritated when you come close to her. She can’t even stand your cuddles and little nudge. It’s a sure shot sign that she has lost interest in you. She is sharing that intimacy with someone else. You realise it’s been long that you two together have sex and there is no participation from her end. You feel like you are making love to a log. It surely means she has someone else on her mind instead of you.
On the other hand, if you see that she starts showing a new move in bed or have extra sex with you. It might mean she is feeling guilty or she is trying to cover up for her absence.
You sense that she is a different person in bed altogether than what she has been lately, then my friend she may be sharing her bed other than you.

Change in her appearance
You notice that She starts putting on makeup or dress up in new clothes. She has a new hairstyle or she has brought a changed in her appearance. She begins with a new dance class or gym sessions. Now this is not a sure shot sign.
But pay attention when she is going out but she is not not including you in her outings. You see her dressing impressively and going out with those new friends you have no clue about, it might signal to a special evening with someone else.
She no longer invites you to her social group and when you try to catch up with her, she seems to be out of your reach.

Frequent fights and blame game
So instead she starts to nag you, constantly find faults in you or blame you for negative circumstances. She wants to avoid direct questions about her whereabouts and changed routine. So she picks up a fight out of no where and you feel unreasonable. She puts herself in defensive mode and blame you for all the shortcomings in a relationship.
Cheaters have a tendency to put the blame on their partner so they feel justified in their actions. They would blame you for a lack of interest in them that lead them to cheat.

Instant mood changes
Lately you observe she is hot and cold. One moment she is all warm and fuzzy , all cold and detached the next moment. Definitely she is being controlled emotionally by someone else. She seems confused and lacks interest in you and your life. She no longer shares her stories, experiences and how her day went with you anymore.
She rolls her eyes or shows disrespect to what you have to say.
Suddenly she snaps at you and she starts ignoring you. She can’t remember the details of important things discussed between you. She seems distant mentally and physically so much that she starts avoiding eye contact with you.

Change in plans Big or Small
She stops making evening plans with you. She happens to cancel plans last minute. The frequently it happens the more awkward it is. She don’t want to upset you so she keeps you hanging. But when she has promised someone else for an outing, she choses to dismiss you.
When you ask her why she cancelled, she gives vague or unbelievable excuses. When you try to figure out further, the clues are missing or you reach to no conclusions.
When it comes to bigger plans which impact your life, watch out how she behaves when she is discussing future endeavours. She will not use words like ‘we’ , ‘us’ , ‘let us do this together’ etc. She will focus on her solo goals. She will exclude you out when she pictures herself.

Friend zone
All females in love make their men their centre of universe. When you sense that you are drifting apart or no longer her universe it’s time you get a reality check. It is easier to figure out when your female partner is cheating because her actions, her change in behaviour or lifestyle becomes evident. She starts tip toeing around you, avoid any confrontation and leave you at a drop of the hat. She seems to snap at you for even a minor inconvenience. A cheating wife or a girl friend avoids direct questions or doesn’t share personal details with you. You find her friends clueless or they start acting wierd.
People don’t want to be exposed as liars and sometimes it’s just more comfortable to continue the ruse. Hence they avoid breaking it to you. Ask your partner directly. Make her comfortable and encourage her to open about her future and real intentions. Serious relationships brings serious commitment. So breaking up is not that easy. You go through major trust issues. You deserve to feel secure in your relationship, so think about whether or not you feel like you can trust her. Then, decide if you want to work on the relationship or end it. Further points to combat this messy situation :
If she admits to cheating, ask yourself if that’s something you can get over. If it’s not, it might be best to move on.
Consider asking your girlfriend/wife to work on things with you. If she shows an interest in saving your relationship, it might be worth trying to make things work.
God bless us all with healthy and happy life!


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