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Real Estate: Building Trust Constructing Dreams!

Jaipur, our pink city is hot spot for real estate market.

The rapid growth of educational institutions and multinational corporations has led to big investments in land and property. Jaipur, being the capital of Rajasthan and developing hub for jobs and study has encouraged the increasing need for residential housing. This migration has led to a boom in real estate market and property rates. Huge profits and availability of land has encouraged ambitious builders and developers into the market.

The road connectivity and availability of large land has helped a pool of real estate investors in our town bringing in promising future for Jaipur property market and liasioning business as well.

It has attracted the eyes of investors. Over the last 15 years, Jaipur has seen a boom in real estate market. With huge profit-making schemes, the traditional land owners and farmers have sold the lands for commercial constructions to international investors. In return, construction of corporate offices and large scale manufacturing units has attracted mass of working class to Jaipur. Several famous builders have constructed beautiful residential and commercial buildings giving our pink city a modern look.

It has not only attracted better gentry but also increased the commercial value of Jaipur properties. Hence, over a decade, Jaipur has confronted the concept of township, societies and individual flat system which was earlier limited to commercial cities like Pune,Mumbai, Gurugram, Bengaluru etc. This has brought a change in social structure of Jaipur and their asset investing schemes.

The citizens of Jaipur are keen on investing in flats and farmhouses in the out skirts of Jaipur. Big land owners are ready to lease out their property for warehousing and commercial purposes. No longer the Jaipur society is in two minds when it comes to deal in real estate buying and selling.

Within 10 years Jaipur has developed into a commercial hub for international trade bringing in business and fame on national level. Jaipur now has an international airport and the excellent express ways encouraging better trade and industries. So the property market has experienced roaring success in Jaipur and going for more! For sure the real estate sector has brought significance to our prestigious Pink city.

One such established builders in Jaipur is Shri Ratnam Group who aspire to build comfort dream homes and villas in extended Jaipur map.

Shri Ratnam builders are real estate builders originally from Jaipur, started by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Jain. Mr. Ramesh Kumar Jain has an experience of 10 years in real estate market. He decided to give the best to society by building affordable dream homes for people. Shri Ratnam Group is taken forward by Mr. Rishabh Jain. He is a young entrepreneur with principles and great business ethics.

He constructs ready to shift residential flats, villas and apartments. With having an experience of more than 5 years in real estate business, they have created the most reliable and long lasting projects for buyers. They have been serving the Pink city for more than 5 years thereby understanding their immediate requirements and latest trends of the housing.

Shri Ratnam Group has completed several various large housing projects successfully creating better living space for customers keeping in mind their satisfactions and comfort as a priority.

They have the vision to provide citizens the quality housing with peaceful surroundings, creating better living spaces in this fast-paced city life. They work towards providing clients the finer perfection for their living spaces laden with innovative designs and modern technologies.

“We create dream houses mainly in Mansarovar extension and Ajmer road which people think of building for themselves. Our utmost priority is our client’s comfort and we work harder every single day to achieve that satisfaction milestone for our clients by using better infrastructure techniques, modern ideas of creating a cozy peaceful space and also keeping in mind their budget and market price. Our vision is not only creating houses for our clients but maintaining long-lasting relationships!”- Rishabh Jain

Following are the chosen few successful projects mainly constructed in Mansarovar extension :

Kevalayam Villas
This is an upcoming villa project starting in Kailash Sarovar in gated society surrounded by lush green trees and serenity. Just a drive away from main market, this project gives you modern living with a feeling of farmhouse getaway. The builder promises to provide all the basic facilities and comfort.

Shri Ratnam Heights 1 & Heights 2
These two projects are situated in Kamla Nehru Nagar interiors. Aesthetically constructed G+3 apartments provides with affordable 2 Bhk flats and a choice of terrace flats.

Shri Ratnam Sapphire
These G+3 apartments situated away from the hustle-bustle of the Ajmer highway. The sapphire designed wonderfully is a living space occupied by families mainly.

Shri Ratnam Emerald
The Emerald is situated near Poddar School, Kamla Nehru Nagar. As the name says, the beautiful residential property is surrounded by lush dark green trees.

Swastik Villas
This is a 22 duplex villa project built in Mansarovar extension. The builder intends to provide modern housing away from city pollution and noise.

Shri Ratnam The Address
The Address is a G+3 building situated in Kamla Nehru Nagar with local market, school a drive away giving you a chance to enjoy peaceful evenings and serene mornings.


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