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Neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock – Sunscreen Product review

Hey Discoverers!!

I hope winters are going good and so was the new year. as this is my first blog post.So, i would like to share about something which is very basic but essential for skin care.

Our daily skin care requirement depends on the climatic of the area in which we stay. For example you will need moistener if staying in a humid climate but will need more in cold weather. similarly our requirement sun for a strong sun protection is more when we stay in tropical areas.

So first we should know are sun protections important?

Yes ,it is very important to understand that sun protection is not only related to sun rays but also with UV rays (UVA & UVB),which damages our skin and with constant exposure can also lead to permanent skin damages .So, sun protection is a must!!

Which sun protection to use?

As we are available with a number of options nowadays which at times confuses us regarding. desired results. So, while choosing out of various options, first look at these factors:

  • In which area you will be using it: for example, if you will be wearing it on beaches or open-air marketplace or any open space with direct heat exposure-look for sunscreens with higher SPF Recommended SPF 30 or above for Indian climatic conditions.
  • Cream-based or non-greasy: this depends on 2 factors-if you are in dry climatic condition use the creamy Based, it will protect your skin and at the some time moisturize your skin. if you are in a humid climate then it is better to opt for non-greasy sunscreen-but as some of them come with foundation base, So as other option you should choose cream based- dry touch sunblocks.
  • Side-effects: Sunscreens are good skin cover but we should also knows that some dermatologist do not recommend sunscreens with very high spf than what is needed as per climatic conditions. so if you are staying in colder area avoid using very high spf as it makes you skin tough.

Also it make one of the best products under Rs.500 with 88ml quantity. i have used the dry touch variant of the product as for my skin it suited best.

Over all experience as compared to other competitive products available in market i would rare it the best.

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