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Is Marriage a Requirement For a Happy Life?

Well not really! Marriage can be a part of a happy life but not a major reason of happiness. As someone said, You don’t need a marriage to have a happy life but happy marriage can ensure a happy life. We can discuss how we can make a marriage leading to happy life.

Marriage is a commitment which involves two individuals binded by mutual respect for individuality, love and compatibility. If one of the above mentioned reasons is absent, the marriage eventually is bound to be doomed. When it comes to love.  It has different facets. It has emotional spiritual and physical aspect. The different facet of love keeps changing over the course of married life determining the quotient of happiness.  Love is one of the most important factors to sustain a happy married life.

Mutual respect and freedom is another important component for deeper happiness in married life. If you respect your partner for their choices and beliefs, it brings a sense of self worth and self esteem. A sense of individuality brings confidence and respect for each other’s space and character differences thus bringing in deeper happiness. You got to celebrate their achievements and failures. Being with them through thick and thin brings out your strength of character. It gives you a chance to display your emotions and let yourself be. If you don’t love and respect your partner, it brings insecurity and resentment which turns us negative and hopeless towards our life.

Compatibility is another factor determining the ultimate happiness in marriage. You need to be compatible financially and emotionally with your partner. Here financially means that you carry similar beliefs when it comes to money and saving. If there is a discrepancy, arguments are bound to happen and lead to fights. And everyone knows that constant fights and insults lead to deeper unhappiness. So make sure that both of you are similar point of view on finance. Being financially independent can also be a great solution bringing in mutual happiness.

It is very essential that you bond emotionally with your life partner. For, it promises security safety and understanding between to individuals. Kindness and compassion is a must. It is a human nature to have emotions. The question comes to the emotional intensity. Both of you need to be on the same emotional level bringing in satisfaction and happiness.

A bad marriage can do the worst. It deviates us from our true self. A bad marriage questions us our worth and our capabilities to love other beings. A long toxic marriage makes a person find comfort in solitude or shut from the real world.  Such marriage hardly last as it is a human nature to find source of happiness in order to survive.
But a good marriage brings happiness and encourages us to bring out the best part of ourselves!
So a happy marriage can be a blessing for a happy life. If you feel your partner makes you happy, go for the plunge!
Otherwise enjoy a single life and work on your dreams. Keep meeting new people till you find the right one. Work on yourself. For being single brings different level of self contentment and single people can search for happiness in other pursuits.


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