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6 Ways to Deal With Heartbreak After a Long Term Relationship

Dear love seekers, I am going to share my personal life. I was in a 6 year long toxic marriage. The anxiety of separation and grief took a toll on my heart and soul. My heart was broken into 1000 pieces. The sheer disappointment of break up even after trying hard changed my perspective towards society and myself. I started turning into this grief stricken anxious woman frustrated all the time.

My mind was full of abuse I went through. It took me a while to realize that it is only me who can bring myself on two feet with head held high and face the hard deal. I bring upon certain changes into my life and here I am the confident woman ready to take on the world. I have a great job, cute date and inner circle of trustworthy friends. I look forward to great love and positive outcomes out of difficult situations. It will be a great delight to share my experience and tips that changed my life for the better and help me deal with heartbreak after a long toxic relationship. Take a look

Acceptance :
Acceptance is the key my friend! Accept the failure. Accept that the relationship was not meant to be. If you come to terms with this fact, you are almost half way to happiness. Think deeply why certain long distance relationships stand the winds of time and why some good relationships fail to continue. Don’t blame yourself for the fatal ending. May be its not your partner’s fault too. May be it’s karma. Have faith in God that things will turn out right in the end for you. Think from all perspective and accept that this relationship is not meant to be.

Get a makeover! A great way to distract your mind. It peps you up and gives you a morale boost. A new haircut, features enhance, exercise regime, meditation will give you a fresh perspective. Go pamper yourself. Fix an appointment with the salon suiting to your pocket. All these activities will fill up your lonely time. It will give you a morale boost and make you feel good about yourself. Take up a yoga class or meditate, in few months the glow will be evident.

Widen your horizon:
Now I know it’s easier said than done. It varies from person to person how they cope up. Some people are introvert and some are extrovert. The toll on both the personalities is catastrophic. One advice is to go out and meet new people who connect you on the same level. Start socializing and interact so that it keeps you engaged. It will help you deal with your heart break. You can opt for an open relationship if you wish. If you do not wish for an open relationship, you can choose platonic relationships to fill up that void. Trust me friends are a great help! It will not only save you from depression but also increase your popularity. Maintain interpersonal relations.

Get a new job or new hobby:
Now this is a deal-breaker! Take up a job which you always wanted to get. Not only will it financially reward you but also fill that void on emotional and personal level. Picking back up your passion or hobby will give you ample experiences and lessons to learn which are beneficial in the long run. And you never know when you can bump into a new sweetheart or find an admirer at workplace. So brace up and follow your dream to overcome heartbreak after a long term relationship.

Cut off all the contact with that person
Cutting off total contact from that long term partner will reduce the negativity. You may be tempted to text them or call them or respond to that hate texts. But don’t . In fact cut off all the mediums from where there is a chance to communicate. Trust me it’s a great advice. Delete the phone number, remove them from social media accounts, the gifts which remind you of past lover. This simple act will distract you and encourage you to think of new things.

Speed dating and Vacation:
Now this method doesn’t apply to all but it’s a sure shot mood changer. Start meeting new people who have a keen view on love. Not necessarily you have to date them but surely meet new strangers who are kind and compassionate. Maintain platonic friendships. There are numerous social media platforms which can help you to get over a heartbreak or rid you off from lonely time.

Plan short trips with friends or family. As they say Out of sight is out of mind. Go out of town or plan a short holiday. Click pictures, laugh and play with small children. Visit historical places and learn local culture. It will help you forget past events and create new memories. It will make it easier to deal with heart break and forget your past lover.

I implemented these tips after a horrible toxic relationship. I hardly remember the pain and hurt the previous long term relationship caused me. The abuse I went through broke me at the soul level and made me believe that I will never be ready for any relationship. With God’s blessing I brought the changes in my lifestyle with tips above and now I am completely new confident personality looking forward to new love and trusting relationships. It has helped me realize my worth and brought clarity in my mind that what actually I am looking for in life. I can now see the bigger picture and don’t feel any remorse for my previous partner.

Courtesy – Rimjhim Jain


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