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Dreams Failing? Are You Motivated enough?

Let’s begin with acknowledging that everybody has dreams and yes! We all are working towards them and there is no denial that few of our special dreams don’t work out!

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Dreams Failing?

And why is that? Well it depends on our karma, the timing and various external factors preventing us to achieve our dreams. There is no denial that you must have put 110% percent heartfelt dedication towards your dream. And when they don’t work out as expected, We are sure the feeling of resentment and hopelessness is insurmountable. You have given your best. You feel that you have given your soul and sweat to your dream. It is human nature. When we are passionate about something, we tend to focus all our attention to it.

Now what if they fail! What if, they don’t work out the way we anticipated? Stress not. Don’t loose your heart. Keep in mind that dream do stand a chance of failure. Let’s discuss what to do after your cherished dream fail. What points you can remember to deal with dream failure.

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You have a dream. You have a plan. It surely indicates that we have a capacity to envision something specific we want and have capabilities to fulfill it. Now this enthusiasm itself is evolving energy. If one dream doesn’t materialize, we can envision another dream. Have multiple dreams. There is so much to execute and achieve. Dreams keep us young and give up hope to look forward to. Have faith that all good thing work out.

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Be confident. Stand tall and proud. Realize the fact that most of the people don’t have the courage to dream big and follow them. They have go with the flow attitude. You are way ahead than those set of people by not only choosing a goal but also working towards it. So what, if it doesn’t realize. You are still a step ahead in learning a lesson and gaining experience reaping you benefits in the long run.

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Never Give up! Keep the faith. What if one dream doesn’t work out. You always have another dreams to fulfill. Faith is a very important tool when you have something working in your mind. There are other interesting pursuits you can follow. Always have a plan B or multiple ways to achieve your dream. So don’t give up. Either start working on another ways to achieve same goal and start working on other plans.

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It wasn’t meant for you. Accept the fact that this plan was never meant for you. At least you tried. If you see your dream is coming true that means your plan is working. And if it doesn’t work the way you anticipated, It wasn’t meant for you. It is completely alright if it works out for others but not for you. Understand that everybody has their own time cycle. What is meant for you will happen in your timeline. You just got to keep working towards it and have faith. Things do work out positively for seekers.

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The heavens got a plan for you. God has a plan designed for you. Now you dream, you work towards it, it fails! It is ok. Remember the famous proverb, If you get what you want that’s God’s will, if you do not get what you want, God has something better in store for you. Think of it as God has other plans for you. If your plan doesn’t materialize it doesn’t mean you are a total failure. Do your self a favor and believe that you are meant for other pursuits, a bigger plan is in store for you. Look at the larger picture.

If you keep these points in mind, there is no way that you will give up and feel that you are no good. If you have the confidence to achieve a certain goal then it is very clear that you are born with the inborn germ of motivation. So go ahead chase that special dream of yours! Everything will work out on it’s own ❤


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