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6 Signs He is The ONE

Ladies ! It is a great feeling to be in love. Because love is an emotion which fulfills your soul, lightens up your life and brings colours to your cheeks. The adrenaline rush before meeting and feeling of touch changes your world entirely. When you see his name flash on the screen , the tingling sensation it brings to your stomach and smile to your lips. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? You want your long drives to never end. You plan to meet frequently. Everything seems hunky dory 😁 The comfort of being close to him is surreal. It feels like that this time it will last forever. May be, may be not. We don’t want to sound negative or give you some reality check. But hey! If you want to find out that he is the One or he intends to be a part of your life, observe these subtle yet important signs that He is the ONE !

He drops everything just to be with you.
This is a sure shot sign that he wants to be a part of your life. Even after the infatuation period is over, if he appears or drops his work to be with you that means he counts you important in life. It means that he has made up his mind to make you a part of his life. When you have a bad day or an achievement to celebrate, he makes sure to be right there for you. He would drop everything to just be with you. Even he starts reciprocating the same ways. He includes you in happy moments in life and shares his bad day experience with you.

He misses you!
He texts or calls you immediately after you leave. When he is with friends he calls you or texts you and expresses how much he misses you. It is a very romantic sign which indicates that you are in the back of his mind. He feels relaxed and come running into your arms after a hard day work. He will call you or text you randomly between his work just to check upon you. Understand that no matter what keeps him busy, he counts on you and wants to be with you. No matter how much a man is busy, he will always take out 2 minute time just to make a phone call and hear your voice. And if he is making that level of effort for you, count yourself in!

He makes you laugh!
Now a man that keeps you in giggles is a keeper! A man wants to see his woman crackling up and be happy around him. He feels complete. If you had a bad day, he comes around and cheers you by acting goofy and do silly acts! Definitely he wants you around! It makes him happy to see you happy.

He loves you for who you are
He adores you for your cute smile. It brightens his day. He loves your personality and your soul. He respects you for your basic values and your beliefs. He knows your flaws and shortcomings and accept them with open arms, then definitely he is the ONE. He thinks that you have an amazing personality and find your imperfections perfect! Obviously he loves you that’s why he is with you in the first place. So have no doubts about him. Love him back 💕

He introduces you to his inner circle
To a man his friends and family mean a lot to him. If he introduces you to his close friends or someone important to him, that means you are special to him. A man introduces you to his people if he sees you as a wife material. He won’t choose a woman who he thinks will not fit in his inner circle. He considers that woman for a short term and hence doesn’t introduce them to his tribe.

He works hard to provide for both of you
He thinks seriously about you. He wants you next to him. He gets more serious about his job and career. You see him working hard to provide for both of you so that he can afford to take you out and buy you things you desire!

The last but the very clear sign is that he starts envisioning his future with you. Listen carefully to what he says. He will use terms like Us, We, We will together etc. He starts making vacation plans, picnic, movie dates with you. Obviously he pictures you next to him. He makes future plans involving you. On a bigger picture he starts imagining a bigger house, a better job or stabilising his financial position etc. He starts promising better things for you and seems to ready to commit to you. Sister, consider him that He is the ONE.
He intends to be there for a life time and has honorable intentions for you.



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