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10 Practical Relationship Advice For The Couples

Relationships are tough!

They require a commitment on all levels and efforts. In today’s materialistic, fast pace and ambitious pursuits, it’s difficult to find Mr. Right or Ms. Right. And once you find them, the work is not over yet. You still have to work to maintain that special relationship. There’s no such thing as a failed romance. Relationships simply evolve into what they were always meant to be. It’s best not to try to make something that is meant to be seasonal or temporary into a lifelong relationship. Yet we are humans and we all look forward to meaningful and emotionally satisfying relationships. Let’s go through few points which can help you have long lasting and fulfilling relationships. So Let go and enjoy the journey.”

  • Stop trying to be their everything

No one can be ‘everything’ to anyone. Create relationships outside The Relationship, or The Relationship isn’t going to work anymore.”
Maintain your personal social circle and respect theirs. Let not be your partner the focal point of your happiness. Look forward to other joyous pursuits or whatever to keep that heart happy and glow on your face. Live your own life.

  • Show Constant appreciation, recognition, and motivation

Saying and doing small, simple expressions of gratitude every day yields big rewards. When people feel recognized as special and appreciated, they’re happier in that relationship and more motivated to make the relationship better and stronger.

And when I say simple, I really mean it. Make small gestures that show you’re paying attention: Hug, kiss, hold hands, buy a small gift, send a card, fix a favorite dessert, put gas in the car, or tell your partner, ‘You’re hot,’ ‘You’re the best !,’ or ‘Thank you for being so wonderful.’ It will help your partner to see you in a new picture.

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  • Spice up your life in bedroom

Do something novel and be always ready to cater to your partner’s needs. Try to expand your concept of physical intimacy to include anything that involves close connection with your partner, such as sensual massages, taking a nice shower or bath together, reading an erotic story together, playing with some fun toys… the possibilities are endless. Show your partner your sultry side and be surprised. Physical intimacy is one the biggest factor in maintaining a happy relationship.

  • Acceptance

One of the most important ingredients for a great relationship is accepting your partner’s flaws and shortcomings. Work on their insecurities if you happen to see any. Everybody has a past. Avoid digging deeper as it only brings awkwardness and resentment.  If he/she had a past, accept it and move forward. There is a reason that they chose you and you are in their life.  Remember that was the past and you are working towards being their future.  Accept it Embrace it.

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  • Lose the fear of loosing

A healthy relationship lasts long when you remember why you came into this relationship in the first place! Remove the negative vibes of uncertainty. And this is only possible when you communicate every once in a while about your expectations, insecurity, and where this relationship is heading. Don’t stress yourself under a blanket over midnight as to where this relationship is heading and what if a certain flaw of yours would make you lose the love of your life. Communicate your insecurities to your partner and definitely your partner will respond to it.

  • Love them but love yourself first! 

You can’t love anyone more than your willingness to love yourself. Pamper yourself. Maintain your social circle and remember your hobbies and passions. Explore your likings and disliking and work upon them. Be it creative pursuits, career ambitions or personal hobbies, give them a hope. Do what you love doing. Do what brings you happiness and self worth. The confidence and glow it brings will be worth it.

Take out my free time, my time!   

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  • Happiness comes from yourself,  not from your partner

It’s not your partner’s job to make you happy. It’s your job.  Of course, it’s easy to feel good if the partner is acting in a way that we want —but needing them to be a certain way in order for me to feel good —that’s bondage. Thinking that they’re always going to be in a good mood and directing their affectionate attention towards me — while that may be possible during the initial stage of a relationship, is impossible to sustain long-term. I’m responsible for my happiness. We deliberately focus on things to feel good in our lives and for things to appreciate in one another.

When we learn that we are responsible for our own happiness and when we learn how to consistently align with it, we create a positive world.

  • Avoid control and putting boundaries.

You can’t put boundaries on someone else—only yourself. If someone is treating you badly, you can’t change their behavior. But you can ask yourself why you accept it and how you can put a boundary on yourself so that you won’t accept it again.

Avoid suspecting your partner and cross-question.  It only brings resentment and ugly fights. It puts the other person in defensive mode and encourages them to lie in order to keep the situation mild.

  • Put efforts

Remember the romance of the initial stage of your relationship.  Keep that mystery alive. We are aware that in this pandemic situation financial and career options are uncertain and social distancing is of utmost necessity.  Put in efforts to go on shopping together, candlelit dinners at home, or watching a movie together will definitely add colors to your love life.  Buy gifts,  celebrate the special dates, and show your partner that they worth all the affection and appreciation!


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