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10 Best Questions to Ask Yourself Before Dating Him

We all have been in and out of relationships. We always want someone whom we can connect with. Every person has emotional and physical needs. And we look for certain qualities in a partner who can fulfill those. That’s why every person wants a partner whom they can romantically involve with. Online dating is a norm these days. Sometimes you meet a cute date, sometimes you find someone quirky, sometimes you make great friends and some are romantically involved.

Now you meet this cute date that you instantly connect with. You hit it off the moment you meet them. Everything feels so complete when you are around them. You laugh, you smile and share stories with them and feel that where was this person all this while. You thank the dating app countless times in mind for bringing this person into your life. And your life turns around. It’s great to meet likeminded people. But before your wonderful heart put on that roller skates and whizz into romantic lane. You must ask certain questions to yourself to avoid awkward and messy situations later! We have come up with quintessential dating tips and questions you should keep in mind before you dive into a relationship with that nice date. An ounce of prevention saves you a pound of cure! Isn’t it?

What are his expectations from this relationship?
The first and foremost question which you must consider is what he expects out of you and the relation with you. Figure out how much he is willing to commit to you. Observe if he puts efforts just to see you or meet you. The talk is that you both should on the same level of give and take. A relationship can only survive when both the partners feel the same way about each other.

Do you share the same vibes?
You see that you both are having a good time together. The dates turn out to be fun and laughter. You feel a connection! But do observe that you understand him when his mood is off. You must understand that when bad times comes, will you connect with each other on the same level? Will you share the same vibes? Opposite attracts. You both have different personalities and it’s good to be different. And when bad times makes the best of us. Can you continue to share the emotional vibes? Think about it.

Is it out of Rebound?
You have just come out of a bad break up and you find a new partner. Everything seems perfect when you two are together. Analyze your situation and ask yourself that you are not dating this person resulting out of rebound. Feel that you are not just getting into this because of mere attraction towards a new person in your life.

Do you like this person and know them enough?
We are sure that you have an amazing time together and you miss him the moment he leaves. And the moment he leaves he is out of your range. He doesn’t pick up the call or he doesn’t respond to your texts. You feel that you don’t have a total knack on this person. It is not a good feeling. Know this person as to what he does; what his daily routine is and life style.

Is this casual or serious relationship?
What are you looking out of this relationship? Not every relationship has to be deep and intense. Right? So figure out if you enjoy casual relationship with him. It is not necessary that Enjoy it and nothing like it.

Does he/she really like me?
Make sure they really like you and not only for your looks or a great body. Women have an intuitive power of figuring out if their partner likes them on a superficial level. Do they like you for your personality, dressing sense or your social status. If they like you only for the reasons above, it is better if you take a step back or be mindful that your partner is not only there for benefits.

Are both of you emotionally available?
Ask yourself if you are capable to be emotionally available for your partner. If you are courageous enough to open up your heart and being there for them. This realization will save you a lot of heart ache when things are about to end. Be aware that he should be available emotionally too for relationship to flourish.

Do you know their darker side?
Every person has a darker side. Every person has a past. It is not always flowers and butterflies. Now we know we shall not dig deeper in the past but make sure that this person is not fishy. Watch out for strange antics. Observe if they act sneaky at times.

How much hurt it can do?
You must keep a clear picture in your mind if this relationship ends, how much emotional pain you can cope up with. Now I know this is a weird question because only time can tell what we are capable of. If you keep this question in mind it will always keep your expectations low.

Are you ready for it?
Figure out if you really want a relationship. In fact ask yourself first if you are actually capable to dive into dating world and give your precious time to another person. This relationship shall not be a solution to your loneliness but fulfillment.
These are the best dating tips I covered up so that it prevents you from a messy relationship and a heart break.


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