Twinkle Patodiya Mrs India 2018 – Talent Round Performance

Twinkle Patodiya Mrs India 2018 – Talent Round Performance

I had one of the best times of my life at Mrs India 2018 pageant. I will be sharing with you my experience in a series of post. There are many contests these days for unmarried females but Mrs India Queen of Substance is one of its unique kind, which provides a platform to married women, to showcase their talent.

Here is the video of my Talent Round performance during Mrs. India Beauty Pageant. Do check out what I  performed in my talent round. 

This round is of very high importance because they want to see that one creative thing in you which you recognize as your talent.  During the pageant, there are 100s of thoughts running through your mind but your talent is your power, which not only lets you balance inside but also Twinkle outside.

So make sure your preparation is up-to mark in this round and you put forth your best performance forward.

I have been a person ho have lived a very planned life throughout past years of my life. But last 1 year when I decided to leave my 9-5 job and find that creative side of me, life has become interesting and no there is no looking back.

And this has allowed me to work on my talent and ring best out of me. And trust me each one of us is worthy enough to take a chance, trust in yourself and discover that creative hidden person in you. 


Watch more videos at : Twinkle Patodiya Mrs. India 2018, POR 

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