VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit – Review

We all love our feet to be neat and cracks free, with shiny and sexy legs. And we all will agree to the fact that it is not as easy to maintain them. It needs a daily feet care regime for those to roughen feet to stealthy and cracks free. Also if we are regular […]

Loreal Paris Go360 Facewash for rainy/sticky weather 

Loreal Paris facewash, serve almost every need of the skin. A lot of friends and followers have asked me how to keep skin supple and acne free during monsoon, without investing too much of time an money. ‘L’Oréal Paris Go360′ clean’ is amazing facial cleanser which I usually use in rainy or sticky weather. Why use […]

Smytten Box – Review

Hey !! I am back and today I am reviewing some really cool products I received in my Smytten Box.   Here I got the chance to order any 3 products and I chose a scrub face a scrub face wash from ‘Natural Bath and Body’, a Hair conditioner of ‘Ma Earth Botanical‘ and an […]

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