Skin Care with Organic Affaire

Skin Care with Organic Affaire

I truly believe: The natural beauty + holistic healing + jolly lifestyle incorporates a comprehensive look and make one beautiful inside out.

Affected by various chemical products, I became more concerned of not only what I was putting on my body but also what I was applying on my face as well. So, I went on a search for amazing organic alternative products.

As I am very passionate about living and inspiring others to live a cleaner life through healthier alternatives. According to me, one stays healthy if they are close to nature in their lifestyle and nothing suits better than organic products for this purpose.

Recently I come across a luxury brand named Organic Affaire which offers a varied Organic range. The products they offer are very gentle and suits all skin types. So, I gave a try to their Lavende Facewash and Plushy Pout Lip Balm from their Premium range made up of Organic product which is really healthful for the skin.

skincare with organic affair

LAVANDE by Organic Affaire

The facewash has Lavender Fragrance which is really amazing. It is a handmade Organic Facewash crafted with certified Organic & Natural ingredients not only cleanses dirt but also soothes your mind, body & soul with the goodness of French lavender, Aloe, Olive & Jojoba. But the best thing about this Face Wash is it does not contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or sulfates. So yes, a very skin friendly product with Nature’s Goodness.


skincare with organic affair

PLUSHY POUT by Organic Affaire

Their Plushy Pout lip balm is a very thin creamy textured balm with amazing flavor. It has nice pinkish red color so works well if applied in place of light lipstick. Not forgetting to mention, its dark tone is perfect for pouty glow, so very well named.  Since it contains organic products, it automatically heals your cracked and chapped lips and enhances their beauty.

mrs india 2018 organic affaire review

Overall, I definitely do feel that it is very important to know what are the suitable skincare products for one’s skin. So guys, you can also give a try to these products to enhance your beauty in a fabulous way with help of natural ingredients. And the good part is even during the trial, if you feel it’s not working well for your skin, unlike other chemical based products these are not going to harm you at all.

So go on people!!!

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