How to become a brand in online industry?

How to become a brand in online Industry. Grace Studio has reached great following today on Internet and across the web and we would like to give the credit of this to Digital Socialite  who are our current Digital Marketers .Hiring Digital Socialite as our digital marketing associates was one of the best decisions. We […]

What You Prefer “White Skin Or Healthy Skin”

Hello Pretty People!! After much research here today I am writing about something really special – “white skin or healthy skin” We, Indians are too much obsessed with white skin as we consider it to be cleaner and healthy, however that’s not the fact! I have become a pattern that every growing up girls has […]

Life in a curfew

Life in a curfew JAIPUR:  Five days after the rape of a 7-year old girl who is trying to get herself together , the culprit is still roaming on the streets. The evening of Monday has been a black evening in the life of a 7-years old little girl and her family members who are […]

Blackout, Jaipur

Hello my Lovely Social Media Fam!! Like most of the other people I also carry a usual belief that pubs are for 8pm and onwards. And so I have been to this place, Blackout, Jaipur for more than countable times for Saturday Nights. But this time I was invited over lunch and I was really […]

Ambrosia Restaurant, Ajmer

The Ambrosia Restaurant in Ajmer which is 8 yrs old rooftop restaurant, located in the heart of the city. Serving one of the best non-veg and veg delicacies, Ambrosia has been designed with indoors and the Patio setup with Cabanas which makes the ambiance Quite romantic. And let me mention that it is the only […]

Chaska Restro Lounge, Ajmer

Ajmer is seeing evolution in restauranteering Culture these days and the credit goes to the young entrepreneurs who are bringing differentiated cuisines to this beautiful town. Recently, I was invited to the first Bloggers table in Ajmer at Chaska Restro Lounge, which started and managed by 2 young Entrepreneurs.   This is also one of the […]

New Style Statement With Rawg and MV

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of Everyday Life” Truly said by Bill Cunningham as what we wear defines what we are. People perceive you by the way of your dress-up and you look beautifully dressed when your outfit is able to reflect the inner you. I bet everyone would agree, “No fabric ages so […]

Skin Care with Organic Affaire

I truly believe: The natural beauty + holistic healing + jolly lifestyle incorporates a comprehensive look and make one beautiful inside out. Affected by various chemical products, I became more concerned of not only what I was putting on my body but also what I was applying on my face as well. So, I went […]

O2 Spa, Jaipur Vaishali Nagar Branch

SPA – for me a thing which is mandate before and after every travel. So next I visited after a hectic shift from Pune to Jaipur was O2 Spa, Jaipur. Happy to see that they have put up their branches in residential areas as well. And my pick was O2 Spa, Jaipur Vaishali Nagar Branch. Stress, […]

Nightlife in Jaipur: Zero Gravity, C-scheme

As the name suggests, this place is good enough to keep you flying with least gravity pull, throughout your party with their vibrant music. Here comes another addition to best pubs in Jaipur, Zero Gravity C-scheme. Being located on the main road on Malviya Marg, reaching here is quite trouble-free.   Recently, I was invited […]

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